Tinder Review – Is it still worth swiping right in 2019?

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  • Many Users
  • Connecting Spotify
  • Easy and Fast Profile Set up


  • No Profile Verification
  • Lack of Security
  • Limited Filters to narrow down Matches

Tinder is a social media application that is mainly used as a dating site. It allows individuals who ‘wouldn’t usually meet’ to connect and communicate with each other online. Tinder filled a gap in availability for people to meet new people and make broader connections within the modern-day online society. As an inclusive app, Tinder encourages all markets to sign up, but their audience is predominantly between the ages of 18-34. Due to their younger audience, the nature of this app is therefore more based around ‘hook-ups’ creating a less serious dating culture.

Tinder was founded by Sean Rad, Jonathan Badeen, Justin Mateen, Joe Munoz, Dinesh Moorjani, and Whitney Wolfe. It was launched in 2012 and has quickly become one of the most successful social networking dating apps. Read more below to find out what else Tinder has to offer…

Facts and Statistics

  • Gender – 62% male users and 38% female users
  • Age – 85% of users are between the ages of 18-34
  • Students – 73% of college students agree that Tinder is the best dating application
  • Users – 50 million users worldwide, 79% of which are millennials
  • Activity – 10 million users are active daily
Tinder profile Spotify likes and dislikes
Sign Up Process

Tinder has made its sign-up process very simple and straightforward which allows users to use the app quickly and easily. It offers you to sign up using your email, phone number or Facebook account which provides you with various options of which you can choose your preferred platform. Some may find one process more secure than another while others might not have a Facebook account to sign up with, so Tinder has catered for the masses using this technique.

Tips are offered in the form of pop-up notifications on how to construct their online dating profile which encourages users to maximise the success of their profile. Alongside this information, explanations and information surrounding what each of the buttons on the control panel do is provided to help users navigate the app while they’re signing up. This allows new users to feel comfortable and settled throughout the sign-up process without being overwhelmed with information.

Tinder only allows you to provide very basic personal information on your profile such as your name, age and gender as well as a small bio. This lack of information provided makes it more difficult to judge a person’s character. Adding an ‘about my match’ section would aid in the prevention of timewasting and disappointing matches.

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Special Features

Tinder offers the very basic features of an online dating app with the free version. You are entitled to 80 free right swipes which tend to be renewed every 12 hours and 1 ‘super-like’ every 24 hours. Users can only contact others who have matched with them which eliminates the disappointment of messaging someone who hasn’t shown any interest in your profile. However, this also limits your ability to talk to whoever you desire.

Tinder allows you to connect your social media channels with the app and display them on your profile. This establishes Tinder within the social media market and takes the purpose of the app beyond just dating into a way of connecting and communicating with a variety of different people. This also contributes to building users social accreditation online. Linking your social media to Tinder makes your profile more personal and reveals more about you which can offer the necessary information it takes to attract a match!

Tinder offers Plus and a Gold membership packages at a price. Tinder Plus and Tinder Gold offer unlimited likes and swipes as well as 5 ‘super-likes’ a day. You are able to avoid seeing any advertisements integrated into your swipes as well as boosting your profile once a month which allows your profile to listed at the top of featured profiles within your area for 30 minutes. If you accidentally swipe past someone who you wanted to match with you can use the undo button to rewind and give you a second chance! You can also choose whether you want everyone to see the details of your profile or just the people you match with as well as being able to swipe for people in any location rather than just within your close perimeter.


The difference between the Plus and Gold memberships is that of having the ability to see who likes you on Tinder without matching them while also providing you access to the ‘top-picks’ of the most popular profiles. As there is not a lot of difference it is questionable as to whether the upgrade is worth the increased price. However, these features are more valuable to some more than others. Upgrading from the free version of Tinder to either of these memberships would greatly improve your experience of the app and perhaps make you more successful in your search.

Matching and Searching

Tinder was the first dating app to introduce the now mainstream ‘swiping’ feature. Alongside this there is a control panel with the correlating buttons if you prefer not to swipe for matches. This makes the process very clear and simple which is why it’s so easy to use. Tinder features all of your profile photos at the top of the page before scrolling down to your bio which constitutes itself as a visual app. This is due to the nature of the app being very fast paced for those users who are not looking for serious relationships and are therefore less interested in another’s bio.

Users are able to click the ‘i’ button to reveal more information about the selected profile which allows them to have more control over who they can view and gain access to without paying for a membership. You are only able to chat for free with other users if they have match with your profile, but you also have the ability to un-match with them if you change your mind. Although this limits the amount of people you can chat with it also prevents you from wasting your time with users that aren’t interested in your profile.

Without any search page or ability to filter your matches beyond distance and age, Tinder becomes less appealing to those who know what they are looking for yet aren’t able to control which profiles they are seeing. Tinder has constructed itself abroad platform for communication among a broad audience so if you’re looking for a specific match then Tinder is not the app for you.



The privacy and security settings on Tinder are very limited. Users have the ability to log in and out of their accounts as well as having the opportunity to delete their profile at any time, but no other security is offered. There have been no measures taken to prevent insincere users accessing the app, nor is there a verification process undertaken by Tinder to block fake profiles. Without having to verify your profile or your photos, Tinder does not take responsibility for your safety while using the app.

While the majority of users on Tinder are not looking for long term relationships, it is important that the user’s safety when chatting to multiple people online and looking for hook-ups is a priority.  

Tinder profile page information
Personal Thoughts

Overall, I am impressed with the ease in ability to sign up to Tinder and create a profile without it taking any time at all. Using the app is very straightforward and I appreciated the tips and pointers on how to navigate my way around which meant I could start swiping instantly. Encouraging users to connect their Spotify accounts to their Tinder profiles is one of the best features on this app as it reveals information about users that they may not have otherwise disclaimed. Using more social media applications to connect others is a very tactical strategy from Tinder.

The features offered via Plus and Gold memberships are good value for money and I would be happy to the pay the price for these services. I would suggest adding a search page or a way to specify which filters you would like to set would massively improve this app as this would create more successful matches.

However, I am concerned with the lack of security that Tinder offers to its users. As one of the most popular online dating apps in the world, I would expect to have more security while online to prevent timewasting profiles and catfishing.


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