The League Review 2019 – Dating App For The Super Elitist?

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The League

Sign up Process


Special Features


Matching and Searching




Customer Service



  • Vetting Process to filter out not matching people
  • Intuitive Design
  • Quality Matches


  • Long Waitlist until accepted on platform
  • Only 3 Matches per day
  • Very limited ways of getting to know more people

The League is a dating app for the few and not for the many. The Leagues’ niche is that they’re “exclusive”, they don’t just let any Tom, Dick, or Harry join the app. In order to be approved you must prove that you have “ambition and a drive to succeed”. Sound vague? That’s by design, without clear guidelines on what will get you accepted or banned, it’s harder to argue that you have been unjustly rejected. What the exclusivity does allow for is authenticity, everyone on the app is verified as a real person, no scammers get accepted. Whether they’re relationship worthy or not is up for discussion.

Facts and Statistics

  • Median age: 28
  • 95% Straight
  • 99% college educated
The League Dating App Messages
Sign Up Process
The League Dating App Waitlist
  • 6 photos required
  • Facebook and LinkedIn required
  • Long waitlist (500,000+ people)

For you to get accepted onto The League, you have to adhere to their strict requirements. You have to add up to 6 photos of yourself, your ethnicity, religion, age, height. As well as this, you also have to connect your Facebook and LinkedIn.

Once you have uploaded your information, you enter a waitlist to get verified. This can take an extremely long time, there are currently over 800,000 people waiting to be verified, you can skip the queue by paying to upgrade your account. 

Special Features
The League Memberships

The app is sleek, the design feels very professional. The app looks like somebody tore a page out of vogue magazine and transformed it into a dating app. This fits nicely within their “professional and ambitious” target market.

You must have “drive and ambition” in order to be accepted onto the app. Due to the fact that you have to be verified, this stops fake accounts from being allowed on the app, this is a problem that Tinder suffers from heavily. When searching for a match you can also easily filter height, ethnicity and education level to whatever your preference is.

If you are a free member (guest) you get:

  • Three daily prospects and
  • One friend request per day

If you pay to be a member, you get:

  • Five daily prospects
  • An expedited review of application
  • Concierge support
  • 5 tickets,
  • The ability to edit your education and profession
  • Access to personal statistics
  • Read receipts
  • 2X guest match rate
  • Ability to create in-app events
  • Five friend users per day

To become a member, you must commit to at least three months.

If you become an owner, you get all of the benefits of being a member, as well as:

  • Seven daily prospects
  • 15 tickets
  • 3X guest match rate
  • The ability to friend seven users per day
  • The ability to know who likes you
  • The ability to always be seen first
  • Unlimited power moves, rematches, and undos

You only have to commit for one month.

If you become an investor, you get everything that an owner gets, as well as:

  • Nine daily prospects
  • A dedicated concierge / matchmaker

What The League has which most other dating apps do not is a ‘groups and events’ feature. Events range from “BBQ and Bingo” to “Night at a comedy club” and groups range from “wine lovers” to “bitcoin investment”. It’s all very high-end, there’s no “saving money” or “living cheap” group. You can find groups and events the same way you find other profiles, in your main feed. This feature makes you feel part of a community, like you’ve been accepted into exclusive club, surrounded by other successful, attractive people. 


Matching and Searching
The League Dating App Matching with Elite Singles
  • Limited number of matches per day
  • Ability to join groups and events

On the free version of the app, you are only given maximum of three profiles to view per day, you can bump this number up by paying to be a “member”. Of these three people, you can see all of the information you had to register in the sign-up process (photos, age, height, ethnicity, religion…). If you like the person – you swipe right, if you don’t like the person – you swipe left. If you both swipe right – you match, simple. Whilst process is simple and works well, with only three potential matches per day finding the one true love may take a very long time. Even longer than it took to get verified. The League wants to attract the successful and wealthy, so it makes sense that you are penalised so heavily for only having the free version of the app.

Due to the fact that you only get 3-5 people to swipe through per day, the matching dynamic is drastically different to Tinder and Bumble, where you get 100 people to choose from. When you have an endless supply of potential matches, there’s nothing stopping you from swiping yes to all of them and then deciding after whether or not it’s worth talking to them. That can’t be done on The League, if you don’t talk to your matches you are punished by being given fewer per day. The League is very strict when it comes to following their rules, if you’re not behaving, your score can and will decrease. If too many people complain to The League about your rude behaviour, you will be removed from the site, so there is definitely a strong incentive to follow the rules.


The League has an in-depth vetting process, which is why it takes so long to be allowed onto the app. On the one hand this means that it may take weeks before you are allowed to join, however on the other hand, this in-depth process does mean that less scammers are allowed on, which means that you get to talk to more real people.

The main concern people have with The League, is that you have to connect both your Facebook and your LinkedIn to your account in order to be verified. Many people worry that their dating information might be spread to their Facebook friends and LinkedIn colleagues. Luckily, The League guarantees that none of your information is shared with any of your contacts on either app, The League will not have access to your login details either. In fact, The League makes it impossible for you to match with any of your Facebook friends or LinkedIn contacts, they simply won’t show up on the app. Allowing you avoid any awkward elevator conversions when you go back to work on Monday morning. 

Personal Thoughts

The League provides a sleek and stylish dating experience that is not without its faults. The sign-up process allows requires you to upload enough information so that other users get a detailed view of who you really are, however, the lack of flexibility in terms of picture quality and education / professional details can be stifling. Where the app succeeds is making you feel like you are a part of an exclusive community (if you allowed in), through its use of groups and events. These are great conversation starters for when you find a match, and to help you make new friends. The biggest killer for the app is the amount of time that you have to wait in between registering and being accepted/denied, often this can take weeks and by that time the love of your life may have come and gone.