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Finding somebody with shared beliefs to you can be incredibly important. For many, their religions guide them through their lives and help dictate what kind of person they are, its only natural to want to find someone who has a similar value system. The world of dating apps has been thrust into the 21st century, and religious dating has been dragged along with it. Dating apps are a great way to find singles in your area, and now there are several specialised dating apps tailored to your religion! Regardless of where you fall on the religious spectrum, there is a dating app to help you find your true love.


Christian Mingle

The only dating app with a movie attached to it. As of 2016 there were over 16 million users on this religious platform founded in 2001, Christian Mingle has over 18 years’ worth of experience partnering up single Christian men and women. The app, however, launched in 2014, giving it as much time on the market as other popular dating apps such as tinder and the league.

When creating a profile, useful information includes “how often you go to church”, and “how many kids you want one day”. You will definitely have to tweak your tinder bio if you want to be successful on Christian Mingle.

On the religious dating app, you get sent seven daily matches to browse through. This system is closer to the League and not Tinder, where you get an unlimited number of matches to browse through per day. However, if you want to browse or search for users, you are also free to do this. This separates Christian Mingle from most ‘swipe’ based dating apps. Once you’ve connected with someone you like, the choice to meet them in public is up to you.

Christian Mingle Religious Dating App and Website Relationship Match



JDate is the more established of the two major Jewish dating apps and has been around for some time. Founded in 1997, JDate has over 20 years of experience in the Jewish dating scene. Like many others, JDate created an app in 2014 to keep up with current trends. Exactly like Christian Mingle, you get seven profiles sent to you per day, but you are free to browse and connect with as many profiles you find every day. 

This is the Jewish app for those who don’t feel comfortable swiping and want the freedom to search for their ideal match themselves. This app is targeted at the older Jewish population, those who are more traditional and generally over 30.

Jewish Dating App and Website JDate Relationship Date

Initially founded as a ‘millennial version of JDate’, for those too embarrassed to go on JDate. 90% of the user base are 30 or younger, as of 2016. JSwipe is targeted at the young, tech-savvy single Jews, so if you feel that you fit this niche, sign up today.

Similar to Christian mingle, you are allowed to list your Jewish observance or denomination affiliation in your bio. However, you are free to write as much or as little as you wish, JSwipe is flexible to you.

Jewish Dating App Website J Swipe Relationship Match



With far fewer services available than most other religions, Muzmatch fills a gap in the market. When the founder of the company pitched the app idea to investors, he said “Muslims don’t date, they marry”. He sought to change this by creating an app that fit in with the Muslim culture and allowed Muslims to be free to find a partner of their own, instead of leaving it up to the local ‘aunties’ to find a suitable match.

Muslim Dating App Muzmatch Relationship Date Match

Muzmatch offers a swipe-based service, with a few unique features that separates it from other dating apps. You have the option to keep your photo hidden and use a nickname in order to keep your anonymity. Many Muslims believe that keeping your appearance hidden before marriage is appropriate behaviour, so the option not show what you look like is a must for a Muslim dating app. 

Another interesting feature is that users can include a “chaperone” or “Wali” to their conversation for peace of mind. This is to ensure that all conversations remain appropriate. Muzmatch has over 500,000 users and is still growing, according to the founder their potential userbase is 400 million, the number of single Muslims currently on the planet.


In addition to these focused and targeted dating apps, there are several services which allow you to filter potential matches based on religion. Such as The League, Bumble, and Luxy. These services have a much larger population of users than the niche religion-based services, however, a large proportion of this userbase will likely not be your desired religion.

Whatever your religion, there is a service available for you. Whether you’ve just moved into a new community or have just entered into a new religion, these services can put you into contact with like minded individuals. Who knows, your life might be changed forever as a result.

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  1. An Arab and Muslim-focused dating app, Muzmatch emphasises the importance of pairing partners who share similar cultural or religious backgrounds. The app says it has helped more than singles find love across Asia, Europe and the US.

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