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Special Features


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  • Targeted Especially for Women. Comfy features.
  • AI Face Verification and Review
  • Educated classy Singles


  • Pricy VIP memberships
  • Criteria to be accepted not clear
  • Women more flexible in using the app than men

Prospr is a rather new Dating App, designed for women of the age of 30+ letting them decide whom they want to get to know. It provides a vibrant dating platform and service that promises to aid you in finding authentic matches that are really suitable for you. Prospr aims for committed singles seeking a long-term relationship. Its functions have been designed especially for women who search a serious relationship. You can even report people if you think they are just playing and wanting to hook-up! By providing A.I. picture verification and A.I decision which of the singles can actually become a Prospr member, the legitimacy of the site is established while your safety online is guaranteed. 

Facts and Statistics

  • Gender – 36% male users and 64% female users
  • Age – The majority of male users are aged 34 – 36 while for female users it is 36-40
  • Education – 47% of all men and 42% of all women have a Master’s Degree or a Doctoral Degree
  • Users – only 15% of all daily applicants meet the requirements and get access
Prospr Answer Question and Like
Sign Up Process

The sign-up process on Prospr is very straightforward and simple once you have downloaded the app. New users can sign up by using one of the three options: their phone number, Email or Facebook. 

Before a person can enjoy the Prospr Dating features, the profile will be instantly checked by their own A.I. system. But don’t worry, more information is provided to users on how to construct a successful profile in order to reduce the chances of profiles being rejected. This is very helpful and ensures that only the best profiles feature on Prospr as the ones that do not reach the expected standard will be rejected after submitting the freshly created profile. Although this sense of exclusivity can be slightly off-putting to potential users, it ensures that the members of Propsr are exactly those that are outlined as correct market. The criteria that user’s profiles are judged by include your occupation, standard of education, social positioning and personal characteristics and traits.

Once Prospr grants you access to the platform, they gradually send you information as you use specific features for the first time. This is a great way for new members on Prospr to familiarize themselves with the application and learn about what it entails without being bombarded with information.

Special Features
Prospr App Features designed for women
A Dating App where Women set the Rules

On Prospr, you are given access to multiple features without having to pay a subscription fee. These include setting various features to filter your search as well as liking profile recommendations. Once both like each other you can start to chat. But important: Only women can initiate a conversation and have the ability to direct message matches. 

It gives girls the opportunity to connect with matches they are truly comfortable with and limits bad encounters when some men over-exaggerate their first message. This process supports Prospr’s character of a Dating App for finding serious relationships. If a chat has not been started 24h after the pair has matched, the connection expires. The limit backs the fairness towards men, so they know where they are at with that particular match.

Break the Ice by asking a question and setting one on your Profile

Prospr welcomes new users to the app by sending encouraging messages which provides a sense of comfort that users may not initially feel when signing up to dating websites. This is a considerate feature which makes the process less daunting for new users.

When creating your profile, you can choose to write a question in your personal bio which potential matches can answer in hope of igniting a conversation. This feature allows Prospr to take the pressure off from users who are not confident when making the first move which encourages people to step outside of their comfort zone.

Prospr Set A Question to Date
AI Face Verification to stop Catfishing

Prospr is an app that caters for educated, and career driven singles who want to meet like-minded individuals. Establishing this specifically tailored market as their target audience means Propsr must validate their intention and social status. They do this by carefully deciding who is able to join the platform so later there are no bad encounters.  All members are encouraged to verify their profile picture as soon as possible. The whole process only takes some seconds and e legitimizes the authenticity of every single and ensures that Prospr users are truly real as this dating site promises. The verification feature is easy to use. You’ll only need to watch in your front camera. The rest is done by the system in one to three seconds. Awesome!

Matching & Searching
Prospr Matches

Searching for a partner on Prospr and matching with other users is a relatively straight forward process. You can select basic filters when searching for your match including age, gender and location, but nothing too specific is offered. The alternate layout differs from most dating apps which makes the app slightly more difficult to navigate, especially seeing as it does not provide you with all of the user’s pictures first.
There is an option to set a filter in order to search for similar, like-minded matches who share your unique goals. This feature allows you to chat with your matches immediately and increases your chances of finding a better suited partner.

When purchasing a Prospr Pro subscription, you can keep up to date with how many people have visited your profile on a daily basis as well as changing your profile to invisible. This allows you to have control on Prospr of who you match with and choose to message or ‘like’. Without Prospr Pro, you are only able to direct message the users whose profiles you have mutually matched with rather than having access to all profiles. You also have the ability to edit your name, occupation and return to the previous page if you accidentally skipped a profile you’re interested in.


In terms of privacy and security, Prospr takes admirable precautions when it comes to legitimizing user’s profiles. It offers a trustworthy dating service that provides an exclusive service. By requesting new users to verify their profile pictures by taking a real-time selfie, Propsr immediately eliminates any people using fake photos. This guaranteed identity authentication establishes Prospr as a trustworthy online dating app.

There are active administrators at Propsr who constantly check for fraudulent accounts and profiles. You are able to report a profile at any time directly if you think there is something wrong. Direct message or email the Prospr support team if you have any questions or issues while using the app. The instant availability of the Prospr team means that any queries or concerns will be addressed quickly and efficiently.

Prospr Picture Verification
Personal Thoughts

Overall, using Prospr has allowed me to experience an exclusive dating app where I have granted access to the exclusive singles within society. This dating app provides the service it markets itself within which contributes to its success in matchmaking. The personal profile question that each user is requested to write in their bio is a great feature which made up for the lack of filters on the search page. I don’t particularly approve of the ‘change your name’ customization as I feel as though it questions the security of the dating site. However, the other measures taken like photo and LinkedIn verification, ensure the privacy of Prospr is legitimate and the profiles are authentic which counteracts this.

Submitted by Dating Apps Free author Ciara