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How Bumble Works: Expert Tips and Tricks

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Bumble is much more than a classical dating app. Everything has been different since the app was founded in 2014. Women have to take the first step here. 6 years later, Bumble is the second most popular app for making new contacts, not only on a romantic level. With the focus on breaking up existing forms in order to offer women a more pleasant online experience, Bumble has managed to fascinate millions of users, both women and men. We investigated how Bumble works. What is the app exactly about? And does Bumble really work better? Our slightly different review of the Bumble app showed a clear result.

The Recurring Problem of Online Dating

On the street, in the bar or in the club. When men find a woman gorgeous, they usually have to take the first step. In the digital world, this one-way flirting is still persistent.
Those men who don’t make the first step on dating apps like Tinder usually remain unsuccessful. In the best case, successful men are able to collect a lot of matches with pretty women. However, often it is nothing more than a nice digital picture album with sparsely filled information.

Problem Online Dating no Match

Countless developers have recently declared war on this phenomenon. There are apps in which people ask each other pre-defined questions to get warm with each other. Or the apps connect people only based on common dislike, which they can then talk about together.

Bumble has come up with another much simpler solution. The dating app, which gradually has become the second most popular dating app in the USA, simply reverses the direction in the world of one-way dating. Bumble works by letting women make the first move.

What is Bumble exactly?

The Bumble app has three modes. Date, BFF and Bizz. This means it’s not only for finding your next date but also for making new friends and business connections. Quite some way for an app that is only around since 2014.

Bumble was developed to empower women, creating a better environment for girls without unsolicited lewd and offensive messages. With Bumble, women have the ability to lead the conversation when they are looking for dates, friendship or a new network online. Women are in control of the first step. The creators considered this aspect important and the core for its success: since women always must make the first move, they choose whom to talk to, are generally more satisfied and engage in more conversations. Bumble is not only a platform for people looking for dating but also for friendship and extending the own business network.

Bumble Modes: Date, BFF, Bizz

Bumble BFF is the place to build friendships in your area, whether people are looking for a new best friend, training partner or future roommate. By contrast on Bumble Bizz, the app claims people can make positive and strong business connections. Networking, new trends, mentoring or even your future business partner. It is designed for women to expand their network. All modes, Date, BFF and Bizz are especially designed for a female audience. Bumble should work exactly for them, easy and trouble-free. One can say that Bumble should be better versions of already existing apps for dating, networking and finding friendship. The question is, does the different approach on Bumble really work?

How Bumble Works

Bumble's Design and Usability

The design is of high quality and attractive, the colors and all names remind people being in a beehive. Most likely it was chosen to point out the advantages of its use for women. The app is very easy to use and has nothing really distracting. Everything is clear and organized.

Bumble Clear Design

How to create a Profile on Bumble?

Before, registration and profiling only worked with a valid Facebook account. Now you are in luck. Since 2019, you can use Bumble also with your phone number or if you have an iPhone, sign in with your Apple ID. If you sign in with Facebook or Apple, all of the necessary information will be pulled automatically from these platform. Entries to complete your profile and choosing the gender you want to be connected with, can be added and changed at any time. Also, already uploaded pictures from Facebook can be changed later on. There is no further initial verification, practically you can get started on the platform right away.

Bumble Profile Creation

How does Bumble actually work?

In terms of operation, Bumble is a classical “swipe” app. Ever person receives recommended members which can be “wiped” either to the left (uninteresting) or to the right (interesting). The app mainly shows you members who are nearby. You can adjust this radius yourself.

In case of a “linking” (if both users find each other interesting), the woman has to make the first step within 24 hours and write to the man. Men have no possibility of contacting someone first. However, if the woman does not initiate contact within 24 hours, the connection is expired and can’t be restored. With this, the app developers want to make sure that you use Bumble regularly. The only exception to this algorithm is for matches among the same gender. There, both matches can initiate the conversation.

If you mistakenly swiped wrong, the selected users can be retrieved. But that’s only available for paying premium members. This works simply by shaking the smartphone. Then it’s also now possible to extend connections by 24h if you are not sure if you want to reply.

Why only women can make the first move:

This is a core question on how Bumble works. First, on Bizz – for business connections – also men can write first, and on BFF you only match with people of the same gender anyway. But in their dating mode, men are simply not able to make the first step. The developers have technically prevented this. Men can only decide by finger-wiping who they absolutely want to meet or give someone a Superlike to stand out. But still if the adored ones return this feeling, the women have to ask themselves the obviously difficult question: Do I really want to meet this guy? This limits the options for men.

The reason why Bumble is doing this is because they want men to try harder and appreciate an online contact more. A profile should be read and only swiped right if a person is really interested in this match. To help you make the decision, the workplace is also shown in the pictures to give a more complete picture of the person and when scrolling down, you will see all other details of their bio.

how Bumble works

Are conversations on Bumble better because women initiate them?

But after extensive use, the whole women-first approach does not change the quality of the reversed one-way street dating principle. Bumble proves that it’s not only men who fail when it comes to creative introductory remarks. Some women don’t get in touch at all. 

But even those who show the initiative usually write only “Hey there”, “Good morning”, “Nice to see you here” or “How are you?” Some even just send a funny emoji.

So when it’s the women’s turn, the noble wishes of engaging only in meaningful conversations seem to be no longer valid. If a man doesn’t feel like it, he can even turn the tables on the spot: If users don’t respond to the first message from the women, they missed their chance. After 24 hours, the match is history again.

Bumble Message

How Bumble BFF and Bumble Bizz work:

On Bumble BFF you only have the option to match with people of the same gender. It lets you focus finding a friend to hangout with. The idea is generally good, especially if you just moved to a new city and don’t know anyone. But in practice you still feel the distance, it’s just not the same if meeting somebody new in person.
On Bizz your swipes are used to find new employers, additional employees for your own company or other professional contacts. Like BFF, you get to create a whole different profile and don’t use the same as on Bumble Date, so you can clearly separate between these modes. On Bizz you’ll find simple ways to present your previous professional career. The original principle of Bumble that matches expire after 24 hours if no contact is initiated, also applies to professional contacts. This is a little inconvenient, since you might not check Bizz everyday. You can easily lose an interesting connection that could have developed into something. But in the end, the business profiles on Bumble seem to be very informal. It’s probably most suitable to find informal connections for exchanging trends.

Bumble Bizz

How does Bumble Boost and Bumble Spotlight work?

Bumble offers a premium membership called Boost. This gives you the chance to correct your previous swipe. You can match with other people faster since you are able to see a list with all singles who already swiped right on you. You also can search among more detailed filters. Membership plans are available per week (9.99$), month (24.99$) or lifetime (119$). Compared to other apps, the value of Boost is not real great. Despite having more tools, it does not guarantee you to get actually more matches. We usually find it better to optimize the own profile with better pictures and a description. Another perk is Bumble Spotlight. You can activate it with Coins which can be purchased between 1.33$ and 2.99$ per coin depending on the quantity. When activating Spotlight, your profile will be displayed first to all users in your area. This will give you much more exposure and matches. Your profile will stand in the spotlight for only 30 minutes, so be wise to choose a time with many active users such as a Sunday evening.

Keep in mind, Bumble Boost and Spotlight also work on BFF and Bizz. 

Bumble Boost Spotlight

Is Bumble worth it?

Bumble has become undoubtably a female Tinder where rules are customized for women needs to have the best experience online. We displayed all aspects on how Bumble works, and generally speaking it works good. Bumble’s advantage is the female touch which goes through every feature and mode. The atmosphere is comfortable and the language between members is slightly better than on other general apps like Tinder. Bumble is clever to stand out from other apps by by reversing the one-way street principle in dating. The conversation density on Bumble might be higher but its quality in the conversations does not necessarily increase with the elevated concept. Apart from that, the app hardly differs from other providers. It is also questionable whether people look for professional contacts in a dating app. The problem is that you cannot search for specific keywords what makes Bizz less suitable for professional use. The people we found there were mostly nice but nothing developed further besides informal talks and greetings. However, both women and men should definitely try their luck on Bumble since it works the same or better than the average dating app. 

Still questions about Bumble? Read more about the feminist dating app under real-life conditions in a practical test.

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