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Hinge is considered as one of the best free dating apps currently in the online dating market. It was launched in 2012 by Justin McLeod who is currently the CEO. With current saturation of mindless swiping apps, Hinge promises to help singles all around the world find a serious long-lasting relationship.


In 2015, Hinge went through a major re-branding, in terms of its appearance as well as its mission. And this has attracted more than 5 million users so far. The major difference between other best free dating apps and Hinge is that Hinge promotes its members to delete the app once they have found themselves in a serious relationship. Hence why the apps slogan proclaims itself as ‘the dating app designed to be deleted’. 

Facts and Figures

·       5 million users worldwide

·       age range of 24-32

·       50-50 gender ratio.

·      Majority of the member base from the USA

Hinge Profile mobile app
Sign Up Process

Compared to other existing free dating apps, the sign-up process oh Hinge is slightly longer and time consuming. This isn’t necessarily a drawback since Hinge truly wants to help match people who are seeking for serious relationships. Users can sign up on Hinge either via their Facebook account or their mobile number whilst also providing a valid email address.

Once you have signed up, you can continue to complete your profile. Firstly it will ask you to fill out some basic information such as your gender, sexual orientation, height, ethnicity, work, education, religion and whether you have children or not etc. the great thing about this is that you can choose which of these information you want to reveal on your account. also, during filling up the vitals you can choose your location, your neighbourhood specifically. Your location can be selected either by manually entering the location or by letting your phones GPS select your current location.

Next, Hinge will ask you to fill in my virtues section. Here it will ask you about your views in life, some may be controversial such as politics and the use of drugs. However, users have the freedom to choose whether that can show up n their profile or not.

After that, uploading photos for your profile is the final step of signing up on Hinge. Users must upload six photos otherwise they will not be able to go ahead with utilising the free dating app. This is similar to Luxy – upscale dating app which requires you to upload at least 6 photos in order to find you perfect quality singles. To make things easier, Hinge does have an option of allowing you to import photos from your Facebook. However, it will only upload your most recent six and if you do decide to delete any of them, you will have to replace it as it is an obligatory requirement for Hinge users.

Lastly, just like any other regular free dating apps, Hinge has a writing section too. Here users can creatively answer questions or finish incomplete sentences. This is important because this is what other singles will be able to see whilst browsing your profile. The more honest and creative answers you provide, the more chances there are for Hinge to match you with a perfect match that can ultimately lead you to a serious relationship.

It is also worth a mention that the signing up process is made easy for Hinge users since the app design itself is simple and elegant. All its features are easily accessible through the apps main page so users can have quick and effortless access. 

Special Features

All the features are free of use on Hinge such as liking, commenting and messaging other. However, users are advised to upgrade to a subscription where they can experience and utilise Hinge to the fullest to find their perfect match. This will allow premium users to have unlimited amount of likes rather than having the standard 10 likes per day on the free account. Hinge’s subscription fee is considerably less than other existing free dating apps since it does not have a great amount of extra benefits. A ‘preferred member’ has the option to pay the premium fee in three options $9.99 for one month, $6.99 for three months and $4.99 for six months. The paid membership will of course allow Hinge users to fully experience and see how the platform works and increase your chances to find you a perfect match.

What is also different about Hinge that sending likes is made more thoughtful than just tapping the heart icon. In order to send a like to a profile you like, you need to select at least one thing you like about their profile such as their photo or their description. Additionally, you can even go further by adding a comment, this will enable the liked profiles to see which part of the profile you liked and make it easier for users to start a conversation. We all know starting a conversation on online dating sites can be daunting and so Hinge has made things easier for you to take the first step.

Another special feature which Hinge introduced recently is the ‘we met’ feature. This is where singles can provide feedback to Hinge if you went on a real-life date with someone they had matched with. This feature makes Hinge unique as not many other free dating apps have the option to talk about their date experience on the app itself. Moreover, the feedback received has helped Hinge make better recommendations in order to match you with a perfect match and encourage people to get off the app and meet matches personally.

Hinge special feature
Matching and Searching

The matchmaking feature on Hinge is simple and easy to get your head around. Similar to other free dating apps, Hinge shows you profiles through a roulette type of approach. You can either like the profile by tapping the heart icon or the x button if you would rather pass. If you do press the x button, Hinge automatically introduces you to the next profile match.  And if you have liked someone and they have liked you back, Hinge will let both of you know of your interest so you can start messaging and get to know each other better. Although sending messages is free for all users and with no limitations, however, only mutual matches can message with each other.

However, it is important to note that if you are a free Hinge member, people who have like you are blurred so you would have to go through each profile. Contrastingly, premium users can see their likes in a list form where they are able to see the main profile pictures. This makes it easier for them to start connecting with someone they attracted to.

It also worth noting that Hinge unfortunately does not yet have an option to search for specific users which other existing free dating apps have. However, this is not a great problem since Hinge will use all the information you have provided to match you with someone that suits your taste.


To be completely honest, privacy on Hinge is not as great as other free dating apps such as Luxy or OkCupid. Firstly, there is no email verification required when signing up so its easy for anyone who wants to abuse the platform can sign up. However, if users do choose to sign up using their mobile number, then a code will be sent to that number to verify.  Moreover, another privacy concern is that Hinge allows people to see other user’s private information. For instance, Hinge users Facebook profile URL’s are exposed on their accounts which means that some people may use the URL in order to find (stalk) and contact users.

However, Hinge truly wants its flatform to be a safe for dating and meeting new people and so they have tried to make its app as safe and comfortable as they can so that its easy to go on a date with someone. So, if you do ever encounter any disrespect and harassment then you can report a person through its special features.


Hinge motto
Final Thoughts

Honestly speaking, I think Hinge is a decent app for the service it provides. The free features on the app are easily accessible and gets you around the app, with some limitations of course. Although the sign-up process is longer than usual compared to other free dating apps, it is simple and straightforward so that users can smoothly start browsing profiles that Hinge considers the best match for them once signed up. The ‘We Met’ feature in the app is impressive concept as it encourages singles to go on a real date outside of the online dating world which many other apps do not provide. Afterall Hinge is ‘the dating app designed to be deleted’. Hinge users can also leave feedback so that Hinge can work harder to match singles with perfect matches, that can lead them to a serious relationship.

However, for me, on Hinge security is a concern because for those who have signed up with a Facebook account, your personal information is exposed to everyone, even if they don’t fit into your categories such as, age, religion, mutual friends or even location. So overall, what do you think of Hinge as one of the best free dating apps?



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