The Best Free Dating Apps with Video Call for being Quarantined in 2020’s COVID-19 Time

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Being in quarantine and avoiding going to crowded places really pushes down dating at the moment. However, this is not a reason to give up online dating. There are plenty of apps that have already adopted to the current situation and added video call features. In this way, you can conveniently host a virtual date in the middle of your living room at any time. 

Holding a video call is especially useful if you want to get to know your match fast, and want to check compatibility. It will also take away nervousness and lowers the awkward feeling some people might have the first couple of minutes when meeting each other the first time in person.

At the moment, such a feature is even more important to follow the rules of social distancing and stay at home. Apps like Bumble and Tinder have pretty straightforward voice and video call functions. We wanted to know which dating app suits singles best during the Corona time. Usually, dating apps will offer these calls and video chats inside their app, so you don’t even need to switch to another messenger and exchange account or phone numbers. 


Bumble already came around in mid 2019 with the option to make voice and video calls. That’s why compared to other dating apps they have the best solution – it just takes time to perfect an essential feature. 

Scheduling a video date works with Bumble in every mode. No matter if you want to get to know your crush better, want to discuss industry trends in BumbleBiz or chat with your new BFF, voice and video calls are always an option. Also, sending voice messages is also always an option. 

Bumble Voice and Video Chat

To actually call someone on video you need to be matched. If you both are ready for the call, you will see a video and phone icon on the right side of your conversation page. And Bumble would not be Bumble if they wouldn’t safeguard women’s security: While women can make a call as soon as they are matched with someone, men only can make a call by themselves if the woman already made her first move.


Luxy’s ‘FaceMe’ follows actually a different concept but works surprisingly well. Once two singles are ready to take their conversation to the next level, they can connect their WhatsApp or Instagram account and schedule a virtual date.  Like others, this option will be available to all members and no further premium membership is needed. While ‘FaceMe’ practically is brand new and was just introduced at the end of April 2020, Luxy claims it’s a great way to reduce uncertainty and finding out what actually makes that match tick. A definite right move and totally fitting in the current situation.  

Luxy FaceMe Video Chat

While some might have mixed feelings sharing directly their WhatsApp or Instagram with someone on a dating site, a video call can actually only be started when a WhatsApp or Instagram account has been successfully shared and accepted by the second person. Further, Luxy makes it very easy to block, remove or report a user. In this way, you are always in full control over your account and protect its privacy. 


Badoo has already added added the live video chat feature since 2018 and was indeed the first dating app to ever add a live video feature. Badoo effectively found a way to let other people report inappropriate behavior and limits the risky part of having live video calls. Setting up a call also only works once both parties have at least texted each other one message each. 

A video call can be started when visiting the chat screen with their desired match and tap the video icon on the top right corner.  

Badoo Video and Chat
The League

League Live is a recent creation from The League. It actually is not a video call feature but really functions as video date. It has something like Speed Dating since you will have three video dates within 9 minutes. Each he League says going on 3 dates in 9 minutes. 

The League automatically matches singles based on the location and preferences. Before each video round, you will see a question to reduce awkward moments. You also can like a person at any time during the call. If both singles like each other, a match is generated and and they can continue further chats at any time. 

Although The League Live is available for free and premium users, only verified members with a high specific League Score have actually access.  While speed dating from home is surely exciting, we find it’s a pity you cannot return to video calls later on after being actually matched. Also the time limit of 3 minutes sometimes seems too short while often it feels too long and you don’t want to be impolite to end the conversation right away. But there will always be people you just don’t feel the chemistry with. 

The League Live Video

Tinder also goes the direction of rather letting users share their social media accounts and continue the video chat there. Besides WhatsApp, Instagram and Facebook, singles can even share other social media accounts like LinkedIn, Skype or Slack, depending on the area they are using it from. If someone wants to share an account, Tinder will generate a temporary link. This link will expire after 72h, so make sure you actually clicked it before. 

If you absolutely don’t want to share and receive any, you can do so by modifying the settings in the Tinder Discovery. When we were testing having calls with your Tinder match on one of these other platforms, the security does not work so well as on other apps. If I want to block and report a person, I have to do so on my social media account and Tinder. This takes time, and even submitting evidence to Tinder, I still could see the person around a couple of days later. We think, this needs to be improved.  

Tinder Social Media Share
Your thoughts

We listed the most popular video chat features of dating apps to virtually date our matches while we stay at home. What do you think about them? Do you have a favorite? Or do you use a video dating app we haven’t reviewed yet? Put it in the comments!

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