Dating A Latina: Everything You Need to Know and Insider Tips

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Dating a Latina is the dream of many American and European men. These ladies have a special kind of appeal that calls to many gentlemen around the world. However, Latina women dating is not the same as dating women from other races or cultures. They’re very different; they respond to different things, they like doing different things, and they expect different things from men.

They’re passionate and sincere, and they have an incredibly effective radar for bullshit. To help you out, today we will be looking at what you should know before dating a Latina, what to expect, how to approach them, where to take them on a first date, and also what to avoid so you can make a really good impression, both online and in person.

Dating a Latina: What Are Latinas?

Latina is a term that refers to women who are of Latin American origin or descent. It’s important to note the term includes Brazilians and excludes Spanish women. However, not all Brazilians or Spanish-speaking women identify as Latinas, so you might want to avoid using the term unless you’ve had a conversation about it and you know it’s not an issue.

The takeaway here is that being a Latina is not about the language, it’s about the culture. That means they do things differently, they have different beliefs and traditions, they like different foods, music, and hobbies, etc. That’s a huge part of what makes them so interesting!

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What You Should Know Before Dating a Latina

There are a few things you should be aware of before dating a Latina. First of all, they live on Hispanic Standard Time. This means you should expect some delay when you make plans to do things together.

In Latin American countries, people are a lot more relaxed when it comes to punctuality. People in the US and Europe tend to do things on a schedule, but Latinos are a lot more laid back when it comes to those things. What you can do here is say your date is an hour earlier than it actually is. So, say you want to go at 8 pm. You should tell them it’s at 7, and they’ll be ready on time.

Latina women are passionate and they like having fun. This means you should expect them to be spontaneous and be prepared to be that way too. Spontaneity is one of the main reasons men want to date Latin women. They certainly inspire you to live a more exciting life, to be more flexible, try new things, and take more chances.

Also, be ready to dance! Latinas love to dance salsa, cumbia, reggaeton, and everything else. Some of them do it well, some of them do it badly, but they do it anyway, so be prepared to join in because they will want you to!

You should also be prepared to wait for them. Dating a Latina means they will take a long time getting ready because most of them like to look nice and they spend hours preparing for a date. However long the wait, trust me, it will be worth it.

Latinas will have the strongest intuition of any other kind of women you’ll ever meet. This is something you must accept beforehand because you’ll be hearing a lot about it. It’s also another good reason to be honest, and transparent. They will tell when you’re not being truthful and that’s a big turn off for these women. They’re direct and honest about themselves, their feelings, and their thoughts, so they hold other people to a high standard when it comes to honesty.

Dating a Latina means you need to become more culturally sensitive. If you’ve already learned about what’s culturally appropriate for Latinas, don’t lose interest and keep learning new things. But if you don’t know anything at all, show interest! They love to share their culture and it will be a big turn on for them to see that you’re curious about their beliefs, traditions, values, and more.

This goes without saying, but Latina women expect men to be respectful. They come from a culture where men are gentlemen, but not only that, they also have a strong sense of self-respect and self-worth, so they hold men to high standards.

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What to Expect When Dating a Latina

The main thing you should expect is passion and intensity. They tend to fall hard for men they like, and once they decide they like you, you’re in for passionate love and displays of affection. They like to make their loved ones feel special; so they make great shows of kindness, love, and they get more flirty, playful, and likable than they naturally are.

You should also expect Latinas to be more laid back, not just when it comes to punctuality, but also in general. However, they can be serious when the situation warrants it and their relaxed character doesn’t keep them from being respectful of others.

Dating a Latina means you’ll always have someone on your corner. They will root for you and support your goals and dreams. If you’re having a hard time, they will help you get through it. It’s just another way of showing how much they care for the people they love, not just partners, but also friends and family. They also get invested in your family and the people you love. Just make sure you’re there for her in the same way!

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What to Avoid When Dating a Latina

Before we give you some tips on how to approach a Latina, let’s talk a little bit about what you should avoid:

  • Don’t call her “mami”.
  • Don’t assume she doesn’t mind being called Latina or that she always wants to speak Spanish.
  • Don’t assume she has a fiery temper, because not all Latinos do.
  • Don’t talk about Latinas you’ve dated in the past.
  • Don’t assume every Latina you date is the same. People are all different!
  • Don’t be rude to her family when you meet them.
  • Don’t be dishonest.

Honestly, the worst thing you can do when dating a Latina is making assumptions about her or her culture. Just do your best to get to know her and her culture, separate from what you already know!

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How to Approach Latina Women

1. Online

When you’re looking for Latina women to date online, it might be easier for you to approach them if you feel a bit intimidated by them. However, don’t let it show! Not online, not in person. Latinas love a man who’s sure about themselves, so simply be yourself and don’t try to mold yourself into what you think she might want. Remember, they appreciate honesty and they want to talk to someone real, not someone playing a part.

Almost every dating app has filters where you can specifically select what type of woman you are looking for. So check the settings, but be careful often Latin women get grouped together with Hispanic, Mexican, Caribbean, Brazilian or other South American people. Latinas are sophisticated and while you will find some on Tinder, we recommend different platforms. Next time, try Luxy, Bumble or even Amolatina, Chispa and LatinAmericanCupid

When starting to text, don’t think twice about it and be funny! They love to laugh, so don’t just say “Hi, how are you?”, try a little bit harder to start a nice conversation. Just don’t ask them where they’re originally from, don’t make comments about how they “don’t seem Latina”, and don’t assume they speak Spanish or want to speak Spanish right off the bat. This is also true when approaching Latinas offline.

Even though Latinas are your type and that’s the reason you’re approaching them, remember they’re still independent of their race or culture. So, approach them like a person, not a Latina. Be respectful, be yourself, and don’t let the conversation come to a standstill. You want it to flow, so she’s more and more interested in you. And to do that, you have to show interest in her!

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2. In Person

If you were smitten by a Latina in person, don’t panic. It’s undeniable they’re beautiful and it may be a lot more intimidating to approach them in person. However, don’t forget they’re attracted to confidence. So, be bold and make a move. Approach them, say hi, compliment them and see if they may be interested in grabbing a cup of coffee or sharing their number. Now, you won’t win them all, but what matters is that you make a confident effort.

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Where to Take a Latina on a First Date

Once you’ve got a date with a Latina, you need to think about where you should take them. First dates are all about making a good impression, seeing if you like each other, and setting the stage for what the relationship will be.

Latinas won’t be impressed by the usual candlelight dinner. Remember they’re passionate, gutsy, and spontaneous. So, consider taking them dancing, going to a nighttime street market, fair or carnival, take her to the beach, etc. Whatever you do, make it memorable! That will make all the difference in the world. It will show you care enough about her to make an effort and it will earn you major points.

The best thing you can do is take the opportunity to be spontaneous, fun, exciting; she will remember how you made her feel during that first date, so make an effort!

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If you took all of our advice and you both feel the chemistry, who knows? You might just have a second and third date in no time. Latinas love commitment, so be sure when you really like a Latin girl to date her exclusively! Let her know she is special and you will find yourself in a beautiful passionate relationship.  

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