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Some dating apps have seen a growing number of sign ups since the covid-19 pandemic and its restrictions. Many men in their best age but also younger ones are looking now for mature cougar dating. But is this the right time to find a new sexual partner? Yes it is.

To meet new women? Experiencing something new? Finding new cougars? There is still a way. Generally, the choice on online dating apps is greatest at the moment because a lot of people sign up. A lot of women who are always totally busy no longer have any distractions and notice that they are missing something. So now those who would never use dating apps are also signing up. But when starting conversations, my buddies and me realized that many of them just want to talk and actually have no intention to meet at the moment. That position is absolute legitimate and I don’t want to argue and persuade people. Eventually, I realized it depends greatly on the platform.On some of them, like Bumble, women almost never wanted to go on a date at the moment. 

On others, hot mature women are about to casually connect with men. I am sharing the six best apps for cougar dating.

Get matures on okcupid

Of course, OkCupid. This platform is a veteran when it comes to online dating and today it’s one of the few general dating apps where you find a vast number of matures and older singles.

Connecting on OkCupid is easy. Tip: Specify your interests and make clear what you are looking for. That will save you time. Include in your bio some details about you. Buzzwords like ‘Not looking for something serious’ or ‘casual dating’ are important because people can search profiles with keywords. By searching for these terms, you can greatly improve your matching efficiency and don’t have to talk round and round in circles until getting to the hot topic. If you are bold you can also include some hot secrets. Upon using different dating apps to connect with mature ladies, OkCupid was by far the most popular one among older singles. Also, we tend to experience that women there actually are more ready to meet, even during the pandemic. So it is our top choice if you want mature cougars meeting up with you.


Wait Luxy? Isn’t that the app for millionaires? Actually, yes. They vet every applicant and it’s by far the hardest dating app to join. But it’s totally worth it! Luxy is a goldmine when it comes to connect with hot women. While most girls are in their 20s and 30s, there is a great number of attractive women you will meet who are older than 40. And these women really got it. I am thinking of Jennifer Aniston, Pamela Anderson and Charlize Theron. Luxy gives you exactly these kind of types. 

When registering, it’s important you show your best side. Upload only the best looking pictures of you. Be tasteful! A suit goes way better than shirtless. Then pray for your acceptance and eventually you are a full member on Luxy. To filter for the right people, you can conveniently select for what types of connections you are looking for. It doesn’t hurt to include this kind of info also in your bio. With swipes you “like” other profiles. Once you mutually liked each other you can start an unlimited conversation. While I was matching with mature cougars not only from my area, Luxy is totally worth it as these ladies mostly were also willing to see me right away. Great app for cougar dating.

Adult Friend Finder
Adult Friend Finder Mature Hottie

This platform is around since 1996, and brings together singles ready for a hookup. A casual date is regularly just a few steps away and it’s definitely the place to get hot mature ladies and erotic meetings as stated in Adult FriendFinder‘s slogan. The quality of the profiles on Adult FriendFinder can’t keep up with the high-quality ones I just mentioned from Luxy or even OkCupid. When taking a glace at them, it quickly becomes clear that on this website it’s all about finding sexual contacts and nothing more. But if that is what you are looking for, you should consider them to date your next cougar.

Nevertheless, the great majority on this app are men. So take it seriously when filling out your bio and profile. You want to stand out of the crowd. Also, the female colleagues at our office suggest to take it slow despite being on a hookup site. Begin with a little smalltalk to get acquainted before asking for a date to make your mature lady of desire feel comfortable. This will separate you from others and secures your success. Also, great is the intimate Q&A section. You can find hot secrets about the cougar of interest and can answer these on your own.  Sufficient answer options are already given for each, so filling them out won’t take too long.

While women generally will find a match soon, the big downer for men is that most ladies on Adult FriendFinder look professional. There are a lot of mature women who turned out to be cam girls, escorts or such. Despite these bad encounters, I still found suitable and genuine people I matched with. How are your experiences in your city? Put it in the comments below.

Pure App date matures

You might have not heard about Pure but it’s worth a try to find quick connections – even among mature singles. Everything you do, creating a profile, chatting, uploading and exchanging pictures will be deleted one hour after they have been sent our created. The perfect choice for men who want to keep their privacy when looking for a cougar date. Pure is a hookup app, and you don’t have to check others’ intention and can get busy right away. 

In order to start, you need to upload your selfie, it plays the main role of making a meeting request. Your conversation will be valid for one hour only, and then automatically gets deleted with your photo and the whole chat. You can search among mature women only within a radius of 30 miles. Pure has great measures to protect your privacy. A cougar dating app that deletes everything you will sent after 1 hour. Also, no one asks for a real name. Which can be tricky, too, because I came across some fake profiles where the ladies demanded to get ‘Uber money’ to come over. Be careful. 

Be Naughty Dating App find matures

BeNaughty has quite a respectable member size and the right audience if you want to connect on a cougar dating app full of mature women for an immediate date.

After signing up, you can see all members matching your preferred gender and age. Also you will see first the ladies around you, since the app works location based. Most profiles on BeNaughty look rather genuine. But there are only a few things you can do with a free account. This includes browsing members and sending limited winks. Messaging is only available for free if you are a woman. Men on the other hand have to pay for it. For men, also sharing photos will cost you. Premium memberships range between $19 and 24$. However, you can then maximize your chances of finding a match with the app’s mass messaging feature. That enables you to send the same message to multiple users. You can repeat it once every 12 hours. Besides, another point I find questionable is the feeling of a noticeable number of profiles what appear fake or turned out to belong to escorts who are on BeNaughty for commercial reasons. 

Want Matures
Want Matures Sign Up

Let’s not forget a rather unpopular website, hence utterly fitting. Want Matures still made it on the list because I had some interesting conversations, while the overall experience was just fair. Want Matures connects older men and women who are determined and know what they want. 

Everyone from 18 and up can sign up. The sign up process is super easy. All what is needed is an email address. However, to connect with cougars you cannot select that you are looking for casual experience, nor is there a bio to state it. I tend to experience, that this is not a huge problem, since quite a few women were pretty straightforward engaging in conversations. To converse though, you need to opt in for the premium membership to which I have a mixed experiences.  While you only have limited search filters for age and some categories, you can find suitable people by browsing through the profiles. There you can directly message ladies or send out winks. What the whole team noticed was a great number of profiles what seemed not real. A few times per day it happened that a women I was talking to agreed to meet but then came out of the box that she actually is a professional and charges per meeting. I find this rather annoying, because these are not the connections I am looking for when signing up to mature dating platforms. Another disadvantage of Want Matures is that there is no mobile App available. You can use a browser on your mobile phone to access the website but compared to other apps, it’s much more inconvenient to sign in every time. Also to page seems to load much slower on your phone compared to the other apps I was testing.

The premium membership cost me $41 for one month, it can go as low as $23 for three months or $18 for six months.  In general, I had less matching connections and the membership felt too expensive for what you get. But Want Matures is a fair site to connect with older ladies and should definitely be on your list when you want to get new mature connections.


After intensive use, we found the best platforms to meet up with cougars. OkCupid and Luxy are the best choices to find mature ladies for casual dates, despite being not solely cougar dating apps. The reason is that there is variety and different search options of how to get in contact. The main feature of both apps are free. Adult Friend Finder, Pure, BeNaughty and Want Matures are okay but lack in user quality. However, they still work average and will fulfill their purpose for you to get mature ladies. But it will take more time to filter out the good ones. This is because I find the number of fishy profiles and mature women with professional intentions considerable higher on these cougar dating platforms than on OkCupid or Luxy.

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