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Badoo is the largest dating site that was introduced already in 2006. Badoo is ever growing and has now more than 260 million users in over 190 countries who enjoy using the free dating app. The platform is available on your computer and your smartphone. Similar to other dating sites, the app version feels more practical since Badoo works location-based but those who don’t want to install the app can use the website version. There is an unspoken secret that generally most singles on Badoo are rather interested in casual dating, hook-ups and flings than a serious relationship. That’s why the majority of its members are older teenagers and young adults. However, it does have its fair of users who are over 35 who are looking for more serious relationships. Badoo’s CEO Andrey Andreev has stated that about 91,000 users weekly delete the app because they were able to find their partners on the platform. The dating site is obviously free to join and sign up, however there are options for premium features that can make the Badoo experience more valuable.

Let’s see below what Badoo has to offer for free and what comes with an extra!


Facts and Figures

·       318 million users worldwide

·       More than 10 million from the USA

·       More than 1 million daily logins

·       40% women 60% men

·       Majority of users come from European countries

Badoo Users
Sign Up Process

The sign-up process on Badoo is fairly easy. You can simply sign up with your email address or via Facebook, Google and Russian Social Media accounts. Signing up with Facebook is the easier route as it extracts your age, location, job and photos form your Facebook account. Nevertheless, you will be asked to upload photos first so that you can start interacting with other singles and be required to verify your account via email and photo. This is great since it prevents catfishing and you can be sure that the other person really looks the same as on the platform. To verify your profile photo, you simply need to take a selfie imitating the gesture that Badoo suggests. New users can also add in a few personal details if they want. For example, they can answer questions about their preferences, relationship, physical appearance, whether they smoke or drink, even about their sexuality! 

Badoo Sign up

If you really want to make use of the free dating site to the fullest to find a perfect match, there is space to add a personal description about yourself. Badoo has an ‘interests’ section where you can add your hobbies from an endless list. In this way, Badoo’s algorithms matches people based on their shared common interests and so the more you fill out this section, the more chances there are for you to find a perfect match, especially if you are seeking a more serious relationship.

Regarding the accessibility of Badoo, I would say that both the site and the app itself is very user-friendly. Login into Badoo is easy and quick since you just have to click a button to log in and out. The design itself is minimalistic which makes it easy to navigate around the site and app. Another advantage is the clear sidebar menu on Badoo’s dating site. With a simple click it enables users to access most of the Badoo features.

Special Features

Like many free dating apps, a free basic Badoo account can arguably be fully functioning to a degree. However, buying a subscription will give you unlimited access to Badoo’s premium features which are called the ‘Super-Powers’. Why are these additional options called the super powers? Well, as the name suggests, it gives you many further possibilities that will help you find the perfect match and enjoy your experience on Badoo. Premium can start from as little as $1 for a one day membership (sometimes even less, because there are discounts) to $79 for a lifetime membership.This variety is unique, since it gives users no pressure to commit for a long time.  Instead they have the possibility to try out all Super Powers for the entire dating site and eventually sign up for a longer period if they are satisfied.

Badoo Premium

A paid subscription will give you access to a list where you can see those people who liked your profile and see who’s added you to their favorites. You can begin to conveniently instant-match with people on this list and start a conversation. Moreover, it will allow you to view other users’ profiles invincibly, be the first to chat to popular members and have your messages put and read first. The most useful superpower is probably the fact that paid users can undo their ‘no’ votes. This allows you another chance with someone, because let’s face it, we all need a few takes to really try to get to know someone. Sadly some of us can not fall in love at first site :'(.

Another advantage of having a paid subscription is that Badoo users can buy credits to boost their exposure on the dating site. For some, this is extremely useful as it will put you in the ‘spotlight’, guaranteeing that your profile gets a high ranking. This will increase your numbers of matches and allows you to get closer to finding the actual true match.

Badoo Message

The messaging feature  on Badoo is fantastic because unlike other free dating apps where you can only message a person once or unable to message a person until they have liked them back. Badoo thankfully gives you two tries to get the attention of the person you like, and once they reply, you can message them indefinitely! Although some may think this is risky and unsafe, it actually is a great approach on Badoo’s behalf as messaging is one of the important core features for free dating sites.

What is different and unique about Badoo is the ‘Badoo Live’ feature where members can host a live stream. All members can join and watch, if they want to. Moreover, the audience can send gifts to the live streamers which can help streamers boost their account status. While it is a nice gimmick to keep people occupied more on the website, it is questionable, if this really helps among the search for the next date. But outgoing people can definitely boost their recognition by hosting such an event and get more popular. 

Another special feature which Badoo has is the ‘Lookalikes’. While I think it’s more like a funny game, it uses your photo to find which Badoo users you look similar to. But not only it works among yourself, it is actually great if you find a particular person’s looks attractive. Then you can find their lookalikes and Voilà: Your dating site feed is full of attractive people. Why focus on one when you can have access to many attractive profiles!

Lookalike options badoo
Matching and Searching

Matching and searching on the dating site Badoo is easy. There are two main ways that allows you to match and search for people on Badoo. First, there is the Badoo Encounters which is a game that users can play to find matches quickly. In this feature, users will be shown matches one by one, showing profile pictures and basic information such as their name, age and description. Once you do find a match that catches your attention, you can press the heart or press X if you are not interested. You can also filter the game so that you can find a match that is closest to your preferences. This feature is the most fun on the app where you simply can swipe profiles. 

The other main search feature on Badoo is through People Nearby. This will show users that are close to your location, are already online or new accounts. Again, like the Badoo search feature, you can filter questions so that you can only see profiles that match your interests.

However, one thing to note is that although it says people nearby, the name is arguably not entirely correct. This is because you can still find Badoo users who have put their locations on private and can also search for users from another city. But the majority of the people you come across are from your area.

Another point what bothered me while using, is a larger number of profiles, seemed not sophisticated and of poor picture quality or almost empty. Positive is, that you can verify your profile picture, so you know immediately when chatting if a person really is the one as in the pictures.

Badoo Profile

On Badoo, you can be rest assured because your privacy is safe and secure. To give the best experience on the dating site, Badoo requires all users to verify their accounts and might ask for your personal mobile number. This is purely to avoid fake accounts being created that do not meet Badoo standards and spoil things for genuine users. Badoo will keep your phone number for fraud identification for up to 3 months. Moreover, Badoo does have a strict photo verification process that will decided whether you can continue ti be on Badoo or not. First, you can skip this step if you don’t want to verify your pictures immediately. But in this case Bodoo might force you to verify your photo at any point in use later. If you do not pass the photo verification stage, then you will be locked out of the site. However, the photo that you do submit will not be visible to anyone or posted on your account, it is strictly to verify if you are real or not.

Like other free dating sites, if you do feel threatened or are being picked on (even stalked) you can report accounts and Badoo will get back to you as soon as possible. Although Badoo is a very relaxed platform and gives its users the freedom to find matches in their own way, it does take privacy and security very seriously. Badoo wants users to have the best experience when dating online. 

Verify Picture Badoo
Final Thoughts

Overall, I think Badoo is a reasonably good free dating app and site that helps single people connect with someone they are attracted to. The simplicity of the app makes it extremely user-friendly and ease of access. Creating a Badoo profile takes no longer than 2-5 minutes and will give you instant access to profiles. Once you do sign up, the special premium features match you to people that meet your requirements and make use of Badoo to the fullest. The Badoo live feature is also fantastic because it encourages the users to be more active on the platform and encourage interactions that will eventually lead to relationships that are long-lasting and meaningful.

However, since Badoo is for more casual dating and hook-ups, the platform may not be the best for single people who are looking to find a lifetime partner or a serious relationship. If you are looking for a best free dating app to find a serious relationship, I do recommend OkCupid  or Luxy as an alternative. Having said that, ultimately Badoo is perfectly suited for you if you are looking for something fun and casual!

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