4 Apps Like Tinder: The Best Tinder Alternatives In 2020

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You’re fed up with Tinder? Swipe after swipe but not getting what you want? Here’s the answer: The best 4 free apps like Tinder of 2020. Go ahead and try them. We guarantee these Tinder alternatives will put a spark in your online dating adventures. 

1. Bumble

Bumble the best tinder alternative

Bumble is one of the most popular apps like Tinder.  If you want to try an alternative, Bumble should be your first choice. This app is very similar to Tinder, but in practice it offers many advantages over the original. Provided you are a brash woman or a rather lazy man. At first glance, Bumble just looks like another Tinder clone. However, when in use, it quickly becomes apparent that the app has cleverly extended the Tinder principle. If you are looking for a serious relationship and not for the quick fun, Bumble can be better than Tinder. 

The similarities to Tinder are no coincidence. Bumble founder Whitney Wolfe also co-founded the well-known dating app. Although the process of getting to know each other is similar to that of Tinder, there are striking differences. While Tinder allows you to start a chat immediately after a match, Bumble only allows women to start a chat. The woman must write to the man within 24 hours after being matched, and the man must respond within 24 hours. If not, the match will expire.
The Bumble concept sounds a bit unwieldy at first, but in practice it turns out to be quite useful. With Bumble, women are no longer flooded with hundreds of messages from interested men, but can choose to talk to interesting candidates. Men do not have to make the first step, but can sit back and relax. In our experience, serious contacts are much more frequent at Bumble than at Tinder. But the number of conversations are not higher than on Tinder. It turns out that women who love a creative opening line when connecting with men show not much creativity themselves when it’s in their hands to initiate a conversation. 

Positive is that Bumble is one of the few free apps like Tinder. For matching and connecting, Bumble is completely free. But you can also purchase various comfort features on top. Bumble Boost is similar to Tinder Gold and shows you in advance who you like. For premium features you need so-called coins, which you can buy between 5 and 30 dollars in our test.


2. OkCupid

ok cupid dating apps like tinder

Endless swiping sucks? Then OkCupid is one of the free apps like Tinder that you should try. OkCupid works similar to a typical dating app, but also contains elements of a dating agency. While creating an account is practically the same, the most notable difference is to answer a few mandatory questions that reveal something about your preferences, values and goals. These questions are the basis for their matchmaking algorithm. The more questions you answer, the more accurate your partner suggestions will be. As a Tinder alternative, OkCupid gives you the chance to match through open questions. You can answer seven questions with free text. One of the questions is for example “Which six things would you take with you to a desert island?”. You are able to see other people’s answers and check compatibility right away. In your profile you can indicate for what type of connections you are looking for. No matter if it’s along “term relationship” or “nothing serious”, in our test were always enough members around.

Under “Browse Matches” you will see members who might fit your profile. The percentage of matches is always indicated. The higher the value, the better you both match. You can also use the search function and filter out specific singles matching your criteria. Connecting with people is easy, because OkCupid is one of the few free apps like Tinder. You won’t be charged when writing to other users. You can write to people you are matched with, or contact them directly when searching. Other free features are liking, swiping, viewing profiles and searching. To enhance your experience you can sign up for the premium membership “A-List” starting at $19.95 for a month. This will enable you to see who liked you, see who read your messages, recommending your profile to more singles and more.

OkCupid is a great Tinder alternative, since it combines swiping and active searching. Other apps like Tinder are limiting the number of people you can reach out to, not so OkCupid. Answering the “secret questions” is a great way to check compatibility as it shows better what makes a person tick.


3. Luxy

Luxy is Tinder for Millionaires

The luxurious Tinder alternative. By the media called the “Tinder app for millionaires”, Luxy definitely shows similarities but has a whole different nature. Initially founded to connect millionaires and rich people only, Luxy is open to a wider audience but still controls strictly who can join their platform. After signing up, you need to pass a 24h review phase during which the Luxy team decides if your profile is qualitatively matching the high Luxy standards. Other advantages on this Tinder similar app are the photo and income verification. Users are encouraged to verify their profile picture which practically eliminated fake profiles on Luxy. If you want to be matched with people in your economic bracket, you can verify your wealth by uploading proof in the form of tax returns, bank or other official statements that indicate your name and a value.

Luxy’s main feature “Match” works just like Tinder. Besides swiping you can browse through profiles on “Search”. But note that on Luxy as on other free apps like Tinder, you can only swipe profiles for free. To connect with other singles directly, you need to buy the premium membership Luxy Black which starts around $69.99 per month.

Luxy is one of the best apps like Tinder, since all people on the app are carefully vetted and authentic. Luxy is a good Tinder alternative for those, who want to meet more quality people and prefer the real deal. It’s great that Luxy offers parts of its features for free which is the ideal chance for singles to try out such an exclusive dating platform.


4. Ship

Ship App Fun Tinder Alternative

Your friends swiping for you and commenting on your choices? This is reality with Ship. Practically the only one of the other apps like Tinder who allow you set up a “Dating Crew” to help you find the perfect match. Ship argues that often friends or family know you better than yourself, so it’ll make online dating more fun and exciting. When signing up, you need to provide all general basic information you know from Tinder. However, Ship requires you to sign up with a phone number and access to your contacts to build your online dating crew. You can swipe left and right like on Tinder and are matched in the same way. But, your crew can also make matches for you. If someone of your crew likes a profile and the crew of that profile – or the person – likes you back, it’s a match, too. In this way you might end up with a match that both of your crews have set up for you!

Ship is definitely one of the most unusual but free apps like Tinder. So far there are now premium features you can buy. But what else can you do on this Tinder alternative? You have access to an activity log, so you’ll see what profiles your crew was taking a look at and whether they liked or passed. Also, your crew can see which profiles you were swiping. But don’t worry, your online dating crew is only involved in the swiping process. They won’t be able to see what messages you exchange with your matches. On ship, every single and crew has the opportunity to share profiles to their group chat. In this way, crew members or yourself can get feedback whether a person is a good match or not.

However, sometimes the app worked in our test a bit glitchy, for instance, it took usually very long for profile pictures to load. Or the crew’s ships were not synchronized in real time. But the matchmaking concept and idea of Ship is great. No other Tinder alternative unites the wingman concept better, and Ship guarantees many hours of fun.


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